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Watch & Learn Videos

Our Watch & Learn Videos

A simple walk through the 9-steps of How to draw Ridgy... as explained and drawn by Mr Thomson.

Make sure you have some blank paper, a pencil and eraser, and possibly some coloured pencils, crayons or textas as well.

#1. Listen to Mrs Robson read the story as we join in the family's excitement as they make their way through the long wavy grass, splash and splosh through the deep cold river and squelch and squerch through the thick oozy mud in search of a bear. But, does a surprise await them as they enter the narrow, gloomy cave on the other side of the dark forest?

In this fun lesson Ms McCarthy will show you how to turn a simple piece of paper into a tie... to wear to dinner so you can impress your family with how smart and professional you look ;)

Shh! Perhaps you could give it to Dad for Fathers' Day!

#2. Make a pair of binoculars inspired by the book 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt.' You will need: 

  • 2 toilet rolls, 
  • glue, 
  • scissors, 
  • ribbon or wool, 
  • a hole punch, 
  • textas or pencils, 
  • a small piece of cardboard 
  • and sticky tape. 

Put your binoculars aside for later when we go on our bear hunt.

Mrs De Jager loves Science and she needs your help at NASA to solve a problem.

Watch and learn... use the 6-Ds...

**Stop the video at 2.40,

then design and make your solution!

Watch the rest of the video for a fun demo of Mrs DJs solution and some extension ideas to challenge yourself!

#3. Mrs Robson shows how to make a ‘Bear Hunt’ map using craft materials.
For this activity, you can use various craft items such as cotton wool, green and blue paper, cellophane and crepe paper, paddle pop sticks, and pipe cleaners. Although, you may choose just to use coloured pencils to create your map. 

  • A large sheet of paper, 
  • glue, 
  • scissors 
  • and sticky tape are required. 

Put your map aside for later when we go on our bear hunt.

Learn about drumming and keeping the beat with Mrs McCarthy.

Advanced techniques for drawing Ridgy in motion, action poses.

You’ll need to practice video #1 a few times first before trying this advanced how-to video. Pencils and paper are required.

#4. Take a look at Mrs Robson’s bear collection just for fun!

What's a tie without a shirt to wear it with?

Ms McCarthy can show you how to fold up a shirt to wear... or maybe add to your Fathers' Day gifts for Dad :)

#5. Finally… let’s go on that bear hunt with Mrs Robson. 

You can bring your binoculars and map along to help you as we make our way through the different weather conditions to get to the dark, gloomy cave. Hopefully, a bear awaits us once we enter the cave! 


Jack and Kane will teach you how to improve your basketball skills through some simple (and some more complex) drills to practice.

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